Welcome to Quailridge


Since 1969, we have striven to provide the best possible quail hunting experience in all of South Georgia. Very few experirnces in life can compare to a day in the field. Beautiful landscapes, the acumen of a well trained dog, the excitement of a covey rise, even the (occasionally salty) humor of veteran guides all converge to make something more than a simple hunting trip. They make an unique and indelible memory.

Quail11 We are and have always been family owned operated in every aspect. That foundation has allowed us to share our love of the outdoors with with our clients since the first day we opened. What could have become a job has remained a privilege for three generations of sons and daughters. For us, each day of the season is another opportunity to enjoy sharing what we believe is simple perfection with both old friends and new ones as well.

Over the course of better than five decades now, we have steadily improved our facilities with one key exception; our recipe for fried chicken. While a thorough search of the globe might uncover something in the ballpark, we've had assurances from clients as far off as Africa that our fried chicken stands above all others. But, of course, the best judge of this will be a hearty hot lunch with us.

Over the years, we've discovered that we don't actually have "clients," so much as we have friends with whom we share the camaraderie and fellowship of the hunt. We extend to you a hearty invitation to please join us.

--The Quailridge Family